Postgraduate Scholarships offered by the International Hellenic University for the MSc in Bioeconomy: Biotechnology and Law

The International Hellenic University grants two (2) scholarships (each representing a 50% tuition fees reduction) to members of the Hellenic Biosafety Society (including but not limited to scientists and health professionals, such as: Doctors, Medical Technologists, Biochemists, etc.) for the Postgraduate Program: MSc in Bioeconomy: Biotechnology and Law .

The aim of the MSc is to develop a curriculum that responds to the needs of students combined with the needs of the labor market in Biotechnology, Biosafety and Regulation issues. The MSc addresses gaps in academic knowledge and related skills in the fields of biosecurity, bio-risk management in clinical research and environmental protection through international collaborations with academic and corporate institutions.

For more information please refer to the Programme’s webpage .

Interested applicants are invited to apply by October 19, 2019, or until the positions are filled, following the instructions found at the admissions link.

Additional information can be provided by the Academic Supervisor of the Program at 2310 807538. Interested applicants can also book an appointment at 2310 807520 and visit the campus of the International Hellenic University.