Health & Safety

Emergency telephone numbers:
Emergency Medical Aid: 166
Poisons Centre (Athens): 210 7793777
For appointments at Thessaloniki Hospitals: 1535
For information on Thessaloniki hospitals on duty: 14944

According to paragraph 3 of article 31 of Law 4452/2017 (A17), undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students who are not covered by health insurance, are eligible to full medical and hospital care in the National Health System. The costs are covered by the Greek National Health Service Organisation (EOPYY) under the provisions of article 33 of Law 4368/2016 (A 83).

Students who are not covered by health insurance can visit National Hospitals and Health Centres, displaying their Social Security Number (AMKA).

Health Books are no longer issued or renewed for students who are not covered by health insurance. Students who own a student health book are kindly requested to return them to the Course Office.

List of Thessaloniki Hospitals
Agios Dimitrios – Prefectural General Hospital Elenis Zografou 2, 54634 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313 322100
Outpatient Clinics for appointments:
2310 211796 (between 08.00-13.00 Mon-Fri)
Agios Pavlos – General Hospital Ethnikis Antistaseos 161, 55134 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313304400-401
Information: 2313 304409, 2313 304758, 2313 304460
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 14790 (09.00-17.00)
Ahepa – University General Hospital Styl. Kyriakidis 51, 54643 Thessaloniki (on Aristotle University campus)
Tel. 2313 303110 – 111 – 310, 2310 993310
Information: 2313 303775, 2313303096
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 2313 303312 (07.30-14.30)
Georgios Papanikolaou – General Hospital Exohi (Asvesthori), 57010 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313307000
Information: 2313 307022
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 1535, 2313307215, 2313307311
Ippokratio– General hospital Constantinopoleos 49, 54642 Thessaloniki (entrance also on Kon.Karamanlis St)
Tel. 2313312000
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 2310 892500 (07.30-14.30)
Gennimatas– General hospital Ethnikis Amynas 41, 54635 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313308100 – 2310963100
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 2313308323-168
Papageorgiou– General hospital Thessaloniki Ring Road, Nea Efkarpia, 56249 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313323000
Information: 2313303775
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: (11.30-15.30): 14741
Theagenio– Cancer hospital Alex. Papanastasiou 11, 54007 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313301111
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 2310898848-9
Ippokratio – Special Hospital for Aphrodisiac
and Skin Diseases
Delfon 124, 54643 Thessaloniki
Tel. 2313308800-2310811913
Outpatient Clinics for appointments: 2313308860-867-880 (08.00-13.00)
List of Health Centres
Thermi Tel: 2313310800, 2313 310824, 2313 310825, 2313 310826
Diavata El. Venizelou 5
Tel: 2310 781840, 2313 313700
Evosmos Tegopoulou 2 & Perikleous
Tel.: 2310 387771-4
Nea Michaniona Tel.: 23920 32500, 23923 30400
Nea Moudania Pan. Korifinis 43
Tel.: 23733 50000
Sohos Tel.: 23953 30200
Koufalia Tel.: 23913 30300
Nea Madytos Tel.: 23970-41300
Lagadas Loutron 20
Tel.: 2394330700
Zagliveri Tel.: 23933-30400
Pyrgos-Chalastra Tel.: 2313 313700

In this section you will find information on actions required in case of emergency


  • Stay calm and don’t panic
  • Call the fire brigade immediately: 199
  • If you know how to use a fire extinguisher, use it to put out the fire before the fire spreads
  • Evacuate the building according to the plans on display in each area
  • Gather at the assembly area as specified in the plan on display in the building
  • If you can’t leave the room, seal the doors and windows in order not to help the fire spread

Fire brigade: 199


  • Stay calm and don’t panic
  • Stay away from furniture or objects which can fall on you
  • Find shelter under a table or desk or next to a solid piece of furniture (in the safe triangle). If there is no  suitable furniture, crouch in the middle of the room and cover your head with your hands
  • Find shelter under the frame of a door
  • Stay away from glass surfaces
  • Do not go out onto the balcony
  • Do not run towards the exit
  • Do not use the elevator
  • After the earthquake, leave the building with caution. Remember: do not run
  • Gather at the assembly area as specified in the plans on display.

International Hellenic University supports the anti-smoking campaign

International Hellenic University is a smoking free zone.

On 1 July, Greece’s Ministry of Health launched a nationwide smoking ban. Under the new legislation smoking is banned in all public institutions including schools and universities.

The ban also applies to the University Coffee Shop.

For more information about health risks of smoking and tips on how to quit smoking please visit the links below