Quality Assurance Unit

The main purpose of quality assurance in higher education in Greece, as outlined in Law 3374/2005, is “the systematic, documented and detailed evaluation, presentation, recording and critical analysis of the work of higher education institutions (HEIs) using objective criteria. On the basis of the results of the evaluation, HEIs and the State take the necessary measures to assure and improve the quality of work undertaken by HEIs in view of their mission to provide high quality higher education”.

Before the re-establishment of the International Hellenic University (No 4610/2019), the quality assurance framework was implemented at the International Hellenic University comprised of the evaluation processes (annual evaluation, internal evaluation and external evaluation), which aimed at assuring that the standards and quality of the University’s education provision fully adhered to the expectations established by Law and the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency.

The External Evaluation Report of the International Hellenic University which took place in December 2015 is available here.