The International Hellenic University responds rapidly to the fight against COVID-19 by printing 3D protective face shields

The Digital Manufacturing and Materials Characterization (DMMC) Laboratory of the Department of Science and Technology, International Hellenic University (IHU), in order to support doctors and medical staff in their difficultdaily battle against COVID-19, joined forces with the Robotics Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the IHU and organized the production of 3D Printed Protective Face Shields for COVID-19 in collaboration with the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and 3D printing companies (AniMa-The 3D Printer Experts, G-Code, Thes3D, Quick3Dparts και Retouch-Health Solutions).

290 protective shields were delivered on 08/04/2020 and more specific 190 to AHEPA General Hospital and 100 to Georgios Papanikolaou General Hospital both treating patients with COVID-19 in Thessaloniki.

The protective face shields consist of a crown which is produced in a 3D printer using PLA as printing material, a biocompatible material which can be easily sterilized, and a transparent PET membrane. The PET membrane is cut to the exact dimensions by laser cutting machines and placed on the 3D printed crown, offering complete protection to the face and can be used multiple times when wiped down and sanitized.

At the moment, 270 more shields are printed which will be delivered to AHEPA and Papanikolaou hospitals later this week.