Patent Collaboration Treaty, Practical considerations (Speaker: John Arsenault, Partner at Wessels & Arsenault, L.L.C.)

After working at two software companies in Austin, Texas, John started law school in 2005 at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, Oregon. During law school, John served as associate editor for the Oregon International Review of Law and as an on-campus research assistant for two professors at the Knight Law School. Knowing the areas of law he wished to specialize in after law school, John focused his legal studies on intellectual property, business law, and computer law.Current areas of specialization also involve copyright and trademark law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in addition to cyberlaw matters including domain squatting issues, cease and desist letters, and disputes over virtual property. John has sent countless DMCA takedown notices on behalf of his clients, and is efficient in removing infringing content hosted online. Moreover, John provided intellectual property legal assistance during the development of a multi-million dollar software released in 2010, including creation of the DMCA policy, assistance with the End-User License Agreement, and Privacy Policy.As a patent attorney, John also has experience addressing office actions and responses for software, nanotechnology, and mechanical patents on both the federal and international level. John has drafted the claims and specifications for several pending nanotechnology and mechanical patents. For corporate clients, John has drafted End-User License Agreements, provided international patent strategy advice, addressed trademark infringement claims, copyright assignment questions, non-disclosure agreements, licensing valuation, and more.As an experienced and founding member of Wessels & Arsenault L.L.C., John Arsenault can represent plaintiffs and defendants in any matters involving intellectual property or computer law. John’s previous background in the software industry places him in a unique position to accurately and efficiently answer intellectual property and computer law questions for clients as both an expert in technology and as an attorney.