The Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas and the International Hellenic University sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH) and the International Hellenic University (IHU) signed on 11 November 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly undertake initiatives and actions – by capitalizing on their experience and know-how  – that will add significant impetus to research especially on the field of Industry 4.0 in the city of Thessaloniki and its metropolitan area.

More specifically, the framework of cooperation includes the creation and operation of an innovative postgraduate programme in English with the Department of Science and Technology of the University Center of International Programmes of Studies of the IHU in the field of Industry 4.0, scientific staff exchange, shared use of laboratories, equipment and software in the context of the programme as well as  the possibility for active students and graduates to be employed in funded research projects. In addition, the joint organization of events, conferences, workshops on innovation, research and entrepreneurship and in high-tech areas as well as the collaboration in tenders for research projects in fields that both bodies specialize.

The Memorandum of Understanding, which will be valid for a period of five years, was signed on behalf of CERTH by the Director of Central Directorate and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CERTH, Mr Dimitris Tzovaras and on behalf of the IHU by the President of the IHU, Em. Professor of Law AUTH, Mr Athanassios Kaissis.

“CERTH and the International Hellenic University are two complementary bodies that serve the needs of research, education and the effective linking of the produced research results with the real needs of the market. This cooperation marks the launch of a joint venture, which will act as the basis for scientific interaction, giving students the opportunity to specialize through the programme in the field of Industry 4.0, in which CERTH aims to play an active role over the coming years.  We are very pleased with this partnership, which through a series of various scientific activities will use the know-how of the two bodies for the benefit of research and technological development”, commented the President of CERTH, Mr Tzovaras.

«By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, between the Centre for Research and Technology and the International Hellenic University, on 11 November 2021, a framework for cooperation was agreed in which the two institutions will work in order to swiftly establish a Postgraduate Programme in English. The Programme will be promoted by the distinguished Professor of IT, Mr Tjortjis on the innovative and extremely relevant for the economy of the country field of Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The cooperation will be accompanied by a series of various activities related to our scientific staff, active students, as well as the shared use of equipment and other relevant activities.

The Memorandum will be valid for five years. This cooperation is another step towards the implementation of one of the four main pillars of action for the IHU, digital education and the creation of modern innovative digital products for the academic community, the society and the economy”, said the President of the IHU, Mr Kaissis.