“By Land and by Sea: Cultural and Other Networks of Exchange in Mongol Eurasia and Beyond” (Thessaloniki, 13-14 September 2021)

5th Meeting of the Mongol Empire Spring Series:
“By Land & By Sea: Cultural and Οther Networks of Exchange in Mongol Eurasia and beyond”
Thessaloniki, September 13th-14th 2021

The 5th meeting of the Mongol Empire Spring Series (M.E.S.S.) will be jointly organised by the University of Vienna and the International Hellenic University (MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies) in Thessaloniki. The M.E.S.S. is an international event gathering experts of the Mongol Empire and of Medieval Eurasia on a yearly basis. This year’s meeting will be devoted to the topic of material culture and cultural exchanges enabled by the Medieval Mongols, and their legacy in Eurasia.

Covid-19 Pandemic Update! 

Due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases reported in Greece, the organizers have decided to limit the event in Thessaloniki to on-line attendance only.

 From the Organizers:

Francesca Fiaschetti

Stefanos Kordosis