EXCLUSIVE SEMINAR 2: Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation in Fixed Income Funds

Seminar details

The Exclusive Seminar includes an hourly presentation of the portfolio management process and the complexities associated with asset allocation decisions. The purpose of the Exclusive Seminar is to act as a link between the academic community and businesses, by introducing you to the various approaches of the portfolio management process, as well as to show you how the notions and techniques learnt in the classroom apply and materialize in the global context. After all, you will get a better taste of the portfolio management process and its application in a real assessment of a fund, while you will enrich your knowledge on the key factors that differ the equity from fixed income attribution. Additionally, the presenter will share his personal experience and will equip students with tips for the CFA exams, in addition to showcase how to connect knowledge gained with a real world interview in a global investment bank. The Seminars are offered primarily for the ‘MSc in Banking and Finance’ students, but are open also to all ‘IHU School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics’ students. The Seminar will take place on Friday, June 11, 2021, at 17:00, Online.

Mini bio of the speaker

Mr. Tornidis graduated from the University of Macedonia, holding a bachelor degree in Economics. He also holds an MSc degree in Banking and Finance from the International Hellenic University. Having passed Level II of CFA Exams, he is currently in the process of completing all the necessary steps in the learning component of CFA towards the charterholder conferment via receiving the Level III of CFA Exams. At the early stages of his career, he worked as Credit Risk Reporting analyst at Citibank, Hungary, and he later moved to Aegon Asset Management, Hungary, as an Investment Performance Analyst. Recently, he was promoted to the Responsible Fixed Income Specialist. Currently, he is involved in Fixed Income and Multi Asset funds projects, while he is responsible for educating employees in his organization through seminars so as to get more familiar to portfolio management processes and succeed in the CFA exams.