Congratulations to Panagiota Galetsi on achieving her PhD in Information & Operations Management!

”Panagiota, during her PhD studies, has always been very responsible with her deliverables and up to the task. She managed to keep a good pace in her research and her devotion was constant. She was confident and always willing to take initiatives and test new ideas about her research. Her PhD success is evident from the very good papers she managed to publish in prominent journals. I was very lucky to have her as my first PhD student. I must say that she has set the standards very high for her successors.”  
AssocProfKorina Katsaliaki
”As a PhD student in Information & Operations Management at the International Hellenic University, Greece, involved in the areas of information management, health services research and business analytics ranging from bibliometric analysis and theory to empirical research. I have also published papers in international scientific journals such as the International Journal of Information Management, Social Sciences & Medicine, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Health Information and Libraries Journal. The last years I work in academic organizations collaborating actively in several academic and research projects.’’
Dr Panagiota Galetsi (Reach her @