Panagiota Galetsi

Panagiota Galetsi is an Academic Scholar in Business Administration at the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Economics at the University Center of International Programmes of Studies of International Hellenic University. She received her MSc degree in Management Science and PhD degree in Business Analytics, Information Management, and Decision Making from the International Hellenic University. Her research interests include business analytics, big data, decision making systems, bibliometric analysis, health services research, supply chain management, corporate governance, consumer behavior, and decision support systems. She has authored/coauthored research in journals such the Social Sciences & Medicine, Journal of the Operational Research Society and others.

      List of publications

  1. Galetsi, P., Katsaliaki, K., & Kumar, S. (2023). Realizing Resilient Global Market Opportunities and Societal Benefits Through Innovative Digital Technologies in the Post COVID-19 Era: A Conceptual Framework and Critical Literature Review. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.
  2. Galetsi, P., Katsaliaki, K., & Kumar, S. (2023). Exploring benefits and ethical challenges in the rise of mHealth (mobile healthcare) technology for the common good: An analysis of mobile applications for health specialists. Technovation, 121, 102598
  3. Galetsi, P., Katsaliaki, K., & Kumar, S. (2022). The medical and societal impact of big data analytics and artificial intelligence applications in combating pandemics: A review focused on Covid-19. Social Science & Medicine, 114973.
  4. Katsaliaki, Κ., Galetsi P. and Kumar, S. (2022). Responsible health technology. Are we there yet? The case of mHealth apps for medical practitioners,” in IEEE Engineering Management Review, doi: 10.1109/EMR.2022.3168242.
  5. Galetsi, P., Katsaliaki, K., & Kumar, S. (2022). Assessing Technology Innovation of Mobile Health Apps for Medical Care Providers. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.
  6. Galetsi, P., Katsaliaki, K., Kumar, S., and Ferguson, M. (2021). “What affects consumer behavior in mobile health professional diagnosis applications”. Decision Sciences.
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