Asimina Katsiani

Asimina Katsiani was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She obtained her MSc and PhD at the School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She performed her first post-doc in Plant Pathology Department of the University of Arkansas (USA). She is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Lab of Plant Pathology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her research interests are in the fields of emerging fruit tree viruses, modern molecular diagnostic techniques (including NGS), plant virus epidemiology and genetic diversity studies. She has authored 12 research papers in international journals and more than 23 papers at international and national conferences.

Selected Publications:

  • A. Katsiani, D. Stainton, K. Lamour, I. E. Tzanetakis, 2020. The population structure of Rose rosette virus in the USA. Journal of General Virology 101.
  • A. Katsiani, V. I. Maliogka, N. Katis, L. Svanella-Dumas, A. Olmos, A. B. Ruiz-García, A. Marais, C. Faure, S. Theil, L. Lotos, T. Candresse, 2018. High-throughput sequencing reveals further diversity of Little cherry virus 1 with implications for diagnostics. Viruses 10, 385.
  • Α.Τ. Katsiani, P. Pappi, A. Olmos, K.E. Efthimiou, V.I. Maliogka, N.I. Katis, 2018. Development of a real-time RT-qPCR for the universal detection of LChV-1 and study of the seasonal fluctuation of the viral titer in sweet cherry cultivars. Plant Disease 102, 899-904.
  • A.T. Katsiani, V.I. Maliogka, G.D. Amoutzias, K.E. Efthimiou, N.I. Katis, 2015. Insights into the genetic diversity and evolution of Little cherry virus 1. Plant Pathology 64, 817-824.
  • A.T. Katsiani, V.I. Maliogka, T. Candresse, N.I. Katis, 2014. Host-range studies, genetic diversity and evolutionary relationships of ACLSV isolates from ornamental, wild and cultivated Rosaceous species. Plant Pathology 63, 63-71.