Vasileios Aschonitis

Dr. V. Aschonitis is an Agricultural Engineer specialized in Soil and Water Management in Agriculture. He holds a PhD in Water Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering, a PhD in Environmental Biology, MSc in Water Resources Management, MSc in Soil Resources Management. He works as researcher in the Soil and Water Resources Institute of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – DIMITRA in Thessaloniki (Greece). He has 60 articles published in international SCI-indexed journals, 3 books and more than 70 contributions to other published scientific material (articles in non-SCI indexed journals and conference articles). He is an awarded reviewer of 51 international journals and Editor in Plos One journal ( His scientific activities cover subjects such as crop modelling, hydrology, agrometeorology, soil physics, soil-water chemistry, environmental-ecological modeling, hydrobiology, ecological indicators, and Geographical Information Systems. He has participated in one European project, 2 post-doc projects in Italy and 5 national projects in Greece, which are all relevant to water and soil resources management in agriculture.

Recent selected papers

  1. Iatrou, M., Karydas, C., Iatrou, G., Pitsiorlas, I., Aschonitis, V., Raptis, I., Mpetas, S., Kravvas, K., Mourelatos, S., 2021. Topdressing nitrogen demand prediction in rice crop using machine learning systems. Agriculture (Switzerland), 11 (4), art. no. 312.
  2. Christopoulou, N., Chatzistathis, T., Papatheodorou, E.M., Aschonitis, V., Monokrousos, N., 2021. The crucial role of soil organic matter in satisfying the phosphorus requirements of olive trees (olea europaea L.). Agriculture (Switzerland), 11 (2), art. no. 111, pp. 1-14.
  3. Demertzi, K., Pisinaras, V., Lekakis, E., Tziritis, E., Babakos, K., Aschonitis, V., 2021. Assessing annual actual evapotranspiration based on climate, topography and soil in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Climate, 9 (2), art. no. 20, pp. 1-16.
  4. Gaglio, M., Aschonitis, V., Castaldelli, G., Fano, E.A., 2020. Land use intensification rather than land cover change affects regulating services in the mountainous Adige river basin (Italy). Ecosystem Services, 45, art. no. 101158, .
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