Consulting Project

Instructor(s): Dr. Stavros G. Stavrinides
Credit Allocation: 6 Credits
Course Assessment: Final deliverable



The Consulting Project will require students to apply knowledge gained in classroom into practice. Students will tackle real-life problems and challenges facing companies or organisations in order to provide actual business solutions. Following a procedure of specifications/requirements, design and implementation, students will prepare and present their concrete and practical solutions in a final deliverable report.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand real-world problem faced by companies/firms and propose functional solutions.
  • Develop critical thinking and ability to integrate data and information towards the optimal solution.
  • Understand the structure, operational mode and challenges of real-world companies.


  • Understanding and recording a company’s needs and challenges.
  • Project requirements.
  • Data analysis, implementation and company feedback.
  • Producing a deliverable.