Advanced Company Valuation


The aim of this course is to provide a thorough understanding of the different company valuation methods and develop the tools for analysing and valuing any type of business. The course draws on previous accounting and finance courses and enables students to understand the principles of shareholder value creation and their implications for managing the business as well as assessing its value either from an investor’s, banker’s or analyst’s perspective.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Value-Based Management;
  • Highlight some important implications of value measurement;
  • Learn the fundamental drivers of company value;
  • Learn the methods for valuing listed and private companies;
  • Understand the value of intangible assets.


  • Cash flow valuations
  • Relative valuations
  • Understanding the concept of Value-Based Management;
  • Risk analysis
  • Shareholder value
  • Value creation, value drivers and value determinants. Valuation framework
  • Analysing historical performance for valuation purposes
  • Value calculation, scenario analysis and testing
  • Valuing industrial, service and financial firms
  • Value-based management