Social Media and Online Community Management

Social Media and Online Community Management

Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation:

30 Hours, 6 Credits

Course Assessment:

Exam & Coursework (one mini project, one main assignment)



With the rise of Social Media (SM), SM data analytics and SM content marketing have become increasingly popular with businesses, researchers, marketers, and the general public.

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of SM marketing and data analytics focusing on tools and methodologies to align SM returns with the business value.

Students will be introduced on the main data models and the fundamentals of social network analysis (SNA), being involved in several SNA use case discussions on social, politics and business related topics.

Both theoretical and practical concepts will be explained, assisting students to realize the tight links between web/data science and marketing strategies in today’s social networking era.

Students will also be assigned a mini project to get deeper insights of a popular social media platform and its tools.

The course will include in-course workshops on SM data retrieval, content curation, keywords research and SM design strategies for business campaigns.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to design and implement a successful SM marketing, research and content plan for a list of popular social media network sites, and utilize available tools for research and content optimization. Students will also gain the required knowledge to extract SM data, define KPIs and recognize/use the appropriate types of data analytics to interpret SM business returns.


• Introduction to Social Networks and Data Models

• Social Network Analysis – Use Cases

• Social Media Types, Tools and Management Platforms, Content Curation tools and methods, Keyword research tools and methods, Competitor analysis tools and methods

• Social Media Marketing for Business: theory and practice

• Buyer Personas and Consumer Segmentation

• Social Media Content Marketing Strategies, use cases of ‘successful’ firms and campaigns

• Instagram & Facebook Marketing and Research Plan

• Instagram & Facebook Relationship Building

• Social media metrics and KPIs, defining engagement in different networks and contexts

• Social Media Data Analytics and Business Value

• Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Social Media APIs (Introducing the Graph API) and Data Retrieval


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