Landscape Architecture Symposium
International Hellenic University
9 -10 October 2020

The Interior Architecture Department (School of Design) together with the BElab of International Hellenic University invite you to LANDSCAPES OF LANDSCAPES. The symposium has been prepared by invitation to eminent academics, scholars and professionals to present their work relating to cases and views on landscape design, either urban or natural, at different scales, conditions and levels of process.

All challenges addressed through this event can be discussed at two fundamental, yet not exclusive directions. These relate to landscape challenges, geographically defined within the northern Greece region, as well as concerns addressing to the Greek landscape in total. This two-day event aims at articulating an axis of complex reflections that spring from physical and cultural landscape awareness. Social, environmental and ecological aspects are expected to form the symposium’s critique on spatial transitions and synthetic manipulations, within intertwined interactions between urban and natural entities.

Organising committee:    

Lila Theodoridou, Professor IHU / Maria N. Daniil, Assistant Professor IHU,

Despoina Zavraka, Assistant Professor IHU

Scientific committee:   

Konstantinos Moraitis, Professor Emeritus NTUA / Nikos Skoutelis, Professor TUC / Maria Tratsela, Assistant Professor AUTH

Invited speakers:     

  • Mairi Ananiadou Professor Emeritus AUTH
  • Elli Pagkalou Landscape Architect
  • Georgios Panetsos Professor UP
  • Titie Papadopouloou Professor Emeritus AUTH
  • Dimitris Polychronopoulos Professor DUT
  • Nikos Skoutelis Professor TUC
  • Vilma Hatsaoglou Professor Emeritus AUTH
  • Konstantinos Moraitis Professor Emeritus NTUA
  • Panita Karamanea Assistant Professor TUC
  • Themis Chatzigiannopoulos Assistant Professor AUTH
  • Yiota Koulali PhD Candidate AUTH
  • Maria Grigoriadou Assistant Professor DUT
  • Io Karydi Architect Landscape Urbanist
  • Tasos Roidis Lecturer TU Munchen
  • Eleni Tsirintani Landscape Architect
  • Eleni Vlachonasiou Lectucter IHU
  • Lena Athanasiadou Landscape Architect
  • Hlias Venesis Architect Landscape Architect
  • Thanos Oikonomou Architect
  • Eleftheria Gavriilidou PhD Candidate AUTH

More details about the invited speakers and the program will follow.
The event will take place through remote livestreaming. Online registration is required.