Role & Responsibilities

The role of the Quality Assurance Unit – MODIP of the International Hellenic University (in accordance with the provisions of law nr 4451/2019) can be summarized in the following points:

a) the development of the policy, strategy and the procedures necessary for the continuous improvement of the quality of the work and services of the institution which consists the internal quality assurance system of the institution,

b) the organisation, operation and continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance system of the university,

c) the coordination and support of the evaluation processes of the academic units and other services of the institution,

d) the support of the external evaluation procedures and accreditation of the studies programs and the internal quality assurance system of the institution, in accordance with the principles, guidelines and instruction of the HQAA,

e) the development of informational system for the management of the evaluation data in cooperation with the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency.

f) the systematical monitoring and publicizing the relevant with the evaluation procedures and results at the website of the institution.

In particular, in addition to the above mentioned general responsibilities, the role of MO.DI.P. consists in the implementation of the following:

  • The systematic review/updating of the quality manual of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the
  • The supervision of implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System and the periodic control of its operation in its fields of application.
  • The preparation and submission of the Internal Quality Assurance System evaluation report to the competent administration bodies in order to identify possible discrepancies and recommendations for improvement.
  • The observance of the control procedures of the criteria related to the design, the approval and the revision of the curricula in order to ensure the continuous improvement of their quality.
  • The collection, monitoring and analysis of quality data, where this is deemed appropriate, both by the Integrated National Quality Information System of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE) and by the information system of MO.DI.P. and in particular data related to the curricula, teaching and research work and the administrative operation of the
  • The statistical analysis and display of quality data and evaluation results as important tools for decision making for each level of operation of the
  • The evaluation of the quality of the study programs on offer as well as of the other provided services of the institution (lifelong learning programs, seminars, services to third parties, research programs, operation of laboratories, etc.)
  • The accreditation of the study programs following the accreditation of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the
  • The systematic monitoring of the Departments’, the Schools’, the MO.DI.P. and the institution’s website updating, with the aim of providing valid and adequate publicity and dissemination of public information regarding the educational activities, the operation of the study programs and the general activity of the
  • The transmission of the final reports of external evaluation, accreditation / re- accreditation of the study programs to the academic units.
  • The indexing of all kinds of reports for the identification of weaknesses in order to formulate proposals to the competent bodies regarding the strengthening of areas that need improvement.
  • The interconnection – interoperability of the information system of MO.DI.P. and HAHE with the existing information systems of the Institution and the continuous development of the information system of MO.DI.P., whenever deemed appropriate.
  • Informing the management of the institution about international trends and good practices regarding quality assurance in higher education.
  • The organisation of informative meetings, workshops, conferences and other events on topics related to the responsibilities of MO.DI.P.
  • The publication on the institution’s website of the procedures related to the evaluation and their results.
  • The monitoring of the international ranking tables, the compilation of reports and announcements regarding the university’s ranking, the planning of actions to improve its ranking, the communication and the possible cooperation with the competent organis
  • The cooperation and the communication with HAHE as well as with the other parties involved in the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the
  • The participation in the informative meetings of HAHE; informing the Internal Evaluation Groups (OM.E.A.) of the International University of Greece Departments on changes in matters of quality assurance procedures concerning the Institutions of Higher Education.
  • The drafting and proposal of a schedule, planning and report of actions.
  • The drafting of Internal Evaluation Reports on the operation of the Institution and their transmission to the competent bodies of the management.
  • Identifying and promoting the best practices of I.H.U.