The Quality Office of the International University of Greece, which reports directly to the President of MO.DI.P., is responsible for the administrative and technical support of MO.DI.P.

The Quality Office is staffed by the Administrative and Technical Support Team. A member of MO.DI.P is appointed academically in charge of the Office. The Administrative and Technical Support Team consists of at least four administrative employees, and may be staffed in addition by external partners depending on the needs. One of the administrative employees is appointed Head of the Quality Office and also acts as Secretary of the meetings of MO.DI.P.

The responsibilities of the Quality Office include the administrative support of MO.DI.P, the execution of its decisions and its general assistance on the above mentioned tasks of MO.DI.P.

The Administrative and Technical Support Team of the MO.DI.P. of the International University of Greece assists in the design and implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the University as well as in the certification of its study programs. Its tasks includes, among others, the scientific, technical and administrative support of the MO.DIP of the I.H.U.; the support and organisation of promotion and publicity actions; the advisory support of the Internal Evaluation Groups of the academic units; the organisation of the communication with the National Authority of Higher Education; the archiving and classification of the material related to the certification process of curricula and the internal system of quality assurance; the secretarial support in the preparation of documents and reports; the updating of the information system with the data and the data of the questionnaires as well as the technical support in filling in technical sheets.