The Department Of Midwifery Science Welcomes You!

The Μidwifery Department is an academic unit of the School of Health Sciences (SHE), of the International Hellenic University, which consists  of the following Departments:

  • Department of Biomedical Sciences (Thessaloniki)
  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences (Thessaloniki)
  • Department of Obstetrics (Thessaloniki)
  • Department of Nursing (Thessaloniki)
  • Department of Nursing (Annex of the Department in Didymoteicho)
  • Department of Physiotherapy (Thessaloniki)

The Department was founded University in 2019 and accepts students from the academic year 2019-20. It is the evolution of the Midwifery Department, of School of Health Professions (SEYP) of the former Alexander Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Department is situated  at Thessaloniki and located within the Alexandria University Campus, in the area of Sindos, and belongs to the International Hellenic University.  Is located at the 15th kilometer of the Thessaloniki-Athens highway. The privately owned facilities of the Alexandria Campus cover an area of ​​1,600 acres, with a total building area of ​​35,000 sq.m. A separate place is occupied by a 900-acre farm and an indoor gym.

For the needs of Midwifery studies beyond the classrooms and laboratories of the Midwifery Departments’ building, a number of the Amphitheaters/ halls of the Campus (Alexandros, Filippos, Georgios Oikonomou, Olympia, SEY Amphitheater) are also utilized.

A large part of the educational courses and clinical practice – is offered at the Obstetrics and Gynecology University Clinics of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki, at “Hippocrateio” General Hospital and at “Papageorgiou” General Hospital, but also at primary health care Units of the 3rd and 4th Health Region of Greece.

Alumni of the Department are expected to acquire a strong and competitive scientific background in a range of subjects related to the administration of health units, through the utilization of new technologies, as well as up to date knowledge and skills in specialized subjects of in-depth study, such as advanced Midwifery Care and Obstetric Care of Special Populations. Furthermore, the graduates of the Department are expected to develop appropriate knowledge and competencies for the adoption of the best approaches in the health sector which will enable them to become capable of careers as freelancers, or as employees in the private and public sector at health structures and others services related to Midwifery care and health services for women’s health, pregnant women, newborns, families and through breastfeeding.

The Department of Midwifery has a modern curriculum, offering in addition to general background courses and scientific area courses, skills development courses and specialization courses, in accordance with the latest developments in the field of Midwifery Care practice and modern educational standards.

The easiest way to approach the Alexandria Campus of Ιnternational Hellenic University (former Alexandrer T.E.I. of Thessaloniki), and the Department of Midwifery is to follow the national highway of Thessaloniki – Athens and turn right at the 9th km towards the Industrial area of Sindos. The Alexandria Campus of International Hellenic University it is 1 km after this turn to the right. The Organization of Urban Transport of Thessaloniki (O.A.S.TH.) serves with urban transport (bus) with line No. 52, which starts at the New Railway Station of the city and ends at the Alexandria Campus of International Hellenic University.

The Midwifery Department is situated at the same building with the Department of Early Childhood and Education and also the Erasmus Office, at the backyard of the Campus. To reach the building οf the Midwifery Department by car, you can follow the roundabout road that starts from the entrance of the Campus and after passing the administration buildings of the campus, the Department of Information Technology and Electronic Systems Engineering, and the Laboratory of Agriculture Mechanics, the next building which you will meet on your right hand is the Midwifery Department. Follow the yellow arrows (see Campus layout)

If you are a pedestrian, then you have to pass through the University’s main entrance and walk downwards to the main corridor of the central building of the campus until you will see the sign to the University’s doctor’s office. At this point you have to turn to the left and walk through the smaller corridor that you will face. After you will exit the main building, you have to walk straight towards the School of Health Sciences. The last building you will come across immediately after the Nursing Department is of the Midwifery Department. Follow the blue arrows (see Campus layout).

Here is a Campus Layout:

Here is a link to google maps: