The Historical Sources

This is a core introductory course dealing with the approach to the historical sources of Ancient Macedonia. The aim of the syllabus is to familiarize students with ancient authors’ works that provide useful information on the history, the geography and the institutions of ancient Macedonia. Some outlines of the presentation of Macedonian history by both the great classical and Hellenistic historians and other authors who are not usually cited (local historians, poets, orators, etc.) will be given during the lessons. Within the section devoted to Greek historiography, a short introduction will explain the different approach which is necessary when dealing with works wholly or largely preserved, on the one hand, and with ‘fragments’ and indirect quotations of lost works by later authors. A selection of relevant passages will be made available for downloading on the e-learning platform; a part of them will be discussed during the course. The second part of the course will be devoted to the epigraphic sources on ancient Macedonia and will show – after a short introduction to the main epigraphic corpora and to the main categories into which the epigraphic sources can be classified – how deeply such sources changed and keep changing our knowledge of ancient Macedonia. Particular attention will be devoted to the royal and civic institutions, to the cults practiced at the court and at the local level, and to some economic problems. A selection of inscriptions will be uploaded on the platform; a few texts drawn from such a selection will be discussed in detail during the lessons.