The Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean from the 19th until the end of the 20th century

The course aims at studying and analyzing the historical developments that took place in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, at political and diplomatic level, from the 19th until the end of the 20th century, such as as the Cold War, the strengthening and the consolidation of Zionism in Palestine, the Cyprus Question, the Suez Question, as well as the role of the USSR and USA in the regions until the end of the bipolar era. The relationship between political power and economic development will include both the Great Powers and the rising nationalisms in the two regions. Special consideration will be given to topics that still dominate the political and diplomatic reality in current affairs.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course the students will have gained:

  • detailed knowledge of the Eastern Mediterranean modern and contemporary history.
  • ability to understand the importance of the relations between the national states and the two superpowers (USSR and USA) in the region, at political, diplomatic, economic and military level.
  • ability to interpret these relations and to relate them with the historical processes that took place in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea during the period examined.
  • familiarity with the contemporary history of the Eastern Mediterranean, more specifically the history of the so-called “Age of Bipolarism” or “Cold War”, the post-colonialist period, the post Cold war period and the period of the emergence or the renewal of religion-based political movements in the region (Islamic fundamentalism, Zionism, Christian-Zionism).
  • familiarity with the history of the so-called “Age of the Imperialism”, with the European grande politique (in the Eastern Mediterranean and out of it), with the emergent nationalism of the peoples of the region and with their struggles against colonialism.
  • In-depth study many of the most important questions in world political history, like the Eastern Question, the question of the Turkish Straits, that of Palestine, that of Cyprus and that of the Suez Canal.