LLM in Transnational and European Commercial Law, Banking Law, Arbitration/Mediation > Regulation of International Capital Markets and Investment Protection

Regulation of International Capital Markets and Investment Protection


This course is designed to study and analyze the international capital markets and the ways in which governments and public authorities intervene in the operation of financial markets globally, regionally and nationally. It examines the principles of regulation of international financial markets and examines the public regulation of financial markets – that is, the relationship between central government, independent government agencies or indeed international organizations on the one hand, and financial markets or market participants on the other. The course is premised upon the notion that the students of finance and financial law ought to develop a sound understanding of the various choices available to policy makers and national supervisory authorities in relation to the design and structure of national regulatory frameworks. The course will also provide a critical view of current regulatory developments globally with the aim to identify the most appropriate regulatory policies towards increasingly complex financial phenomena and markets in the era of financial globalization.

Learning outcomes

  • On completing the course, students are expected to be able to:
  • Understand the legal foundations of international capital markets;
  • Understand the U.S. and European Union law of financial and capital markets;
  • Understand the nature of global capital flows and markets and the various instruments traded in those markets;
  • Understand the legal environment where corporations, financial institutions and other business raise capital globally or internationally;
  • Understand the structure of international monetary and financial order;
  • Follow future legal developments in the area of international financial markets;


  • Financial Markets and Financial Assets
  • Primary and Secondary Capital Markets
  • The Internationalisation of Capital Markets The Globalisation of Financial Crises
  • The Regulatory Framework Disclosure and Transparency
  • The Role of Market Intermediaries in Securities Markets
  • Regulation of Securities Firms
  • The Structure and Economic Functions of Secondary Securities Markets
  • The Globalisation of Finance
  • Building International Financial Stability
  • Developing International Rules and Regulatory Standards for Capital Markets