New technologies in archaeology

The aim of this course is to acquaint students with the employment of technologies in the field of Cultural Heritage and in particular, Archaeology. From the outset, archaeologists have undertaken responsibility for the preservation of finds but it was some time before they began to appreciate the importance of the records (excavation note books, registration catalogues, publications etc.) both as primary evidence and the only thing that will survive of a specific site. The emergence of Information Technologies as well as of the Archaeological Science (e.g. Archaeometry) provide with new tools the traditional archaeological research contributing in the development of new approaches and methods. The employment of repositories, geographical information systems (GIS), multimedia applications, 3D digitization and reconstruction along with material analysis or dating techniques provided by Archaeometry, represent some indicative examples of the topics that will be taught to the students. New terms used in nowadays (Digital Archaeology, Digital Curation, Cyberarchaeology etc) will be presented and clarified. As an overall, the course aims in preparing the students to practice Archaeology in the 21st century.