Hellenism in the Black Sea countries

The course examines the historically rich Hellenic heritage of the Greek people in the Black Sea area, mostly focusing on the thriving political, social and economic activities of the Greeks in the cities of southern Russia since the 18th century, and the respective topics in the Pontus area. The course will also examine the Greek presence on the western coast of the Black Sea and expand to the Greek presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly in Egypt and the Levant, as well as in Central Asia, where most of the Hellenic populations were transferred during Soviet times.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the course the students will have gained:

  • critical awareness of the theoretical concerns regarding minorities and immigration in the Black Sea region
  • knowledge of the impact Hellenic migration had on the economy and society of the region
  • ability to read, analyze and communicate orally sources and documents related to Greek immigration and minorities.