Coinage and economy

The general aim of the course is to introduce the students to the study of coinage and to the way coins may contribute to our understanding of history, and in particular, to the history of Macedonia. Milestones of the course shall include: a) an introduction to numismatic studies, which embraces the presentation of various methodological tools, used by numismatists (die studies, quantification studies, coin hoards as well as available digital sources). This aims at enabling students with a historical or archaeological background to use the evidence of coins in their research. B) A short overview of the most important publications on Macedonian coinage, most of which shall be further discussed throughout the courses. C) Discussion on the natural resources of the Macedonian kingdom and on their exploitation by the Macedonian state. Special emphasis shall be given to the existence of precious metal mines in northern Greece and how they influenced Macedonian and later Roman policy.