Arts management

The aim of this module is to develop an understanding of management practices and trends within the contemporary international art market. The course focuses on the interactions between artists, collectors, museums, auction houses and galleries, as well as on the treatment of art as an investment. Special emphasis shall be placed on the organisation and management of international art fairs and shows.

The course will allow participants to:

  • Understand the operation of contemporary international art markets;
  • Develop analytical skills to evaluate investments in art;
  • Understand the perspectives of artists, art collectors, auction houses, museums and gallery owners while handling works of art;
  • Become familiar with contemporary financing tools for the acquisition of works of art;
  • Become familiar with the operation and organisation of art international art shows and/or fairs;
  • Understand the context and structure of art finance transactions;
  • Understand the operation of art insurance;
  • Be equipped to compete for management positions in art management institutions.


  • Management practices within the international art market
  • Artist engagement / acquisition of works of art
  • Art as an investment
  • Construction of an art market index
  • Museum/art collection management
  • Art financing options
  • Art insurance
  • Management of art shows/fairs/exhibitions
  • Art publications / international art promotion channels