Archaeological Sites of Macedonia

This is a composite course as it studies the historical data of the colonization of the coasts of the North Aegean and, also, the formation of cities in the Macedonian kingdom.

In most cases, colonies are incorporated in the Macedonian kingdom although sometimes atypical relations are noticed. For example, the politics of Philip II cause great turmoil to these regions but at the same time, they offer to Macedonians great opportunities for economic growth and extroversion.

On the other hand, the formation of cities in the Macedonian kingdom is a very important historical occurrence with dual significance. Firstly, it is an indication of the ultimate and most important organization of the kingdom itself and secondly, it influences the lives of the Macedonian people and beyond. In this course the relevant archaeological material, which is abundant, will be interpreted and linked to major historical events. Theoretical knowledge shall be accompanied by visits to specific areas.